martedì 18 giugno 2013

"Nina" aircraft close ups

Some close ups on the aircraft. Given the nature of the project, 
the planes are as important as the pinups and I tried to put the most care 
that I could doing them, in so far as timing allowed, also I did not exactly 
copy the photo however, on many details as rivets, lines and such, 
I followed references not exactly but only as general impression.

Click here to see close ups of the pinup.

4 commenti:

  1. Hi..I should probably translate this goes. Very impressed with your pin up girls..they really are the sense that they look exactly like something you'd see from that time period..I'm really impressed by your planes...really slick detail on all of them...from the B-25..the F6 Wildcat to the AT6-Texan. I used to draw all of these planes..that's how I can appreciate your work. Hey..was I right on the F6..or is it an F4?

    Your work is wicked good..the detail is crazy slick....and your woman...well..let's just say you have some Mad skills there my friend...Mad skills. Really enjoyed looking at your work on this Christmas Natalie ...and keep on painting.

    Alyn Federico

    hey where do you live in Italy...I ran all over that country...ever been to Ancona?

    1. Hello Alyn, I see now your comment, sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for the nice words. My pinups with aircraft of World War II have been made ​​to be included in the book "Wing Of Angels" by photographer Michael Malak who provided me with great reference photos, this is the reason why details of aircrafts are so good to be appreciated by you who really know those planes, this is great and your compliments mean a lot to me, since they come from an expert in the field.

      Hope you had a nice Cristmas and your 2014 will be great!.

      No I do not know Ancona, but I really love the Marche, I live in Rome and Catania, in Sicily, at the foot of Mount Etna

  2. This appears to me to be a Douglas SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber. This was the real hero of the Battle of Midway in June of 1942. After the Douglas TBD Torpedo Bombers virtually were shot out of the air on their low level attacks on the Japanese carriers, they had pulled the Japanese fighter cover "down on the deck" and allowed the dive bombers a free hand in pouncing from above on the four Japanese aircraft carriers that were caught with aircraft on their decks refueling and changing from ground target bombs to anti ship armor piercing bombs. They destroyed all four Imperial Japanese Navy carriers and many of their experienced pilots. It essentially destroyed the flower of the Japanese Navy pilots.

    1. Wow Michael, it seems that you are a real expert, I am honored you stopped by to comment my piece, thank you