giovedì 19 settembre 2013

Shayana Commission feedback

Hey guys, 

Look at the flattering feedback I got from Shayana Shop for the Testimonials section of my website.

Thanks to Shayana Shop for giving me chance to work on so nice subject.


Shayana Commission

We first found Lorenzo's work through Deviant Art and straight away we knew that his style would match our needs perfectly. After contacting Lorenzo with a basic outline for the project, we knew that we were dealing with a professional when he laid out a time schedule detailing the various stages of the approval process.

We started with the basics, character's overall look and pose, how we were going to achieve the movement we wanted, her expression. Once this was decided we moved onto the background look and feel followed by the colour selection and final touches.

The whole process was very smooth and Lorenzo patiently followed all our requests for minor changes with careful attention to detail and constant communication.

We definitely found a different side to our Shayana character, one that could only have be seen through Lorenzo's eyes and we are very, very happy with the result. We have our Shayana character pinup like we could never have imagined, full of movement, life and a bit risqué that brings out her more playful nature.
The art will be published in our 2013 advertising campaign worldwide in several different glossy magazines.
We would highly recommend working with Lorenzo, not only for the incredible final piece that he created, but also for the due care and attention he provided during the artistic process.

Shayana Shop
The Hague,
The Netherlands

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venerdì 13 settembre 2013

"Shangri-La" close ups

Done for Shayana Shop, The Netherlands.

"Blondie" close ups

Done under art direction to be used as poster for sale, 
within a great graphic design by Zak Wilson, Bay Area, CA.

"Bubi" close ups

Bubi for ever...

"Aldo" close ups

Mi manchi amico!

"L'orso" close ups

Rough concept sketch for book illustration.