domenica 20 novembre 2011

"Chanel Bon Bon" interactive step by step painting process

Here is a complete step by step painting process 
of the "Chanel Bon Bon" painting.
 I have done it since I'm often asked for tutorials or descriptions 
about my painting technique.

It’s an interactive Flash movie, once started by clicking on the cover,
the movie goes on by itself but at any time you can stop and restart it, 
go on forward or backward step after step as fast as you click quickly. 
Also this is a small version of the movie, if interested,
 don't miss the wide version: 1280x800 pixels here:


4 commenti:

  1. so wicked! love it and I love your portrayal of tubby women great!

  2. Thanks Madam for viewing and commenting!

  3. You're welcome, your work is too good :P

  4. Very kind of you, thanks again :-)